About us

MMEG supports women from developing countries in their pursuit of higher education. Our organization draws inspiration from Margaret McNamara, and her vision of education and gender equality.

We have given 416 grants to women from over 75 countries in our 38-year history. 

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As a volunteer-led and run organization, MMEG relies upon your continued support for our work, our programs, our grantees and our ultimate success. 

Are you ready to take the next step? You can become a contributor to our cause, or participate yourself.

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International Arts and Crafts Fair

Mark your calendar for our annual MMEG Arts & Crafts Fair –scheduled for November 12-14, 2019.  This event is the biggest source of income for MMEG, second to financial contributions from individual donors such as you.

We are now working on designing publicity, identifying volunteers, and securing donations for our in-house MMEG White Elephant and Gourmet tables.

If you are interested in volunteering with us during the fair, bringing food for gourmet table or donating goods for MMEG table, please fill in this form.

grant programs are open for applications

South Africa program is open for applications between 15 May and 14 September. Read more.

US-Canada and Trinity Washington University programs will be open for applications between 15 September 2019 and 15 January 2020. Read more.

Don’t miss application deadlines.

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