Why I Donate to MMEG

Dear volunteers and supporters,

This year, Margaret McNamara Education Grants (MMEG) awarded 7 grants in the US-Canada program, 14 grants in the South Africa program,13 grants in the Latin America program, and 2 grants to Trinity Washington University! This is the full list of the grantees for FY 15-16.

During the last two years, we have made significant efforts to increase both the number and the amount of the grants. We are very proud of the impact that our grantees are having in the developing world. That is why today we want to honor the work of all volunteers, those who dedicate themselves in taking action, raising funds, and donating to our cause.

Colin Warren hiking in Tibet

Colin Warren hiking in Tibet

The story of a volunteer

During his three decades of work in the World Bank Group, some of which based in India and Hong Kong, Colin became a long-term donor to MMEG. Now retired, he is able to volunteer more time to the organization. For the last three years he has served as a Board member and, more recently, as Treasurer. I asked him to share with us why he supports MMEG:

Providing women with a path to realise their full potential and to address problems facing women and children is essential to improving our lives. I’m too aware of the talent that goes wasted for the lack of opportunity or help at a critical point in a young person’s life. By providing grants to exceptional women, MMEG helps to release this talent and multiply the impact these women have on others’ lives. As the beneficiary of a student scholarship myself, I know first-hand the transforming impact such a grant can have. This is what has motivated me to donate to, and volunteer for, MMEG over the years.
— Colin Warren, Volunteer, Board member, Donor

Donate now to sustain our aspiration to continue to grow and give more scholarships. 

Thank you very much for your support,

Monica Vidili, MMEG President