Why is MMEG for women from developing countries? Our mission is to assist women from developing countries who are pursuing their education with the aim of improving the lives of women and children in their countries. We are one of the few organizations who provide financial assistance to such women.

Can I apply if I am a part-time student? Part-time students in the South African and Latin American programs may apply. Applicants must be full-time students to be considered eligible in the US/Canada program.

Who can apply? Self identifying women are welcome to apply.

Is there a fee to apply for a grant? MMEG does not charge any application or processing fee.

What is a "full academic term"? This is understood as one academic grading period at your university, whether a semester, quarter or known by another name, depending on the countries where MMEG has programs.

How much money is provided in a grant from MMEG? In past years, grants of up to US$15,000 have been awarded in the US/Canada program, and US$7,000 in the Africa, Latin America and Trinity programs. Grant amounts may vary, based on exchange rates and availability of funds.

Can I apply more than once? If unsuccessful in obtaining a grant, applicants may re-apply in the future.

Can I receive the grant more than once? Recipients of the MMEG grant are eligible to receive the grant only once.

When will I be notified about the outcome of the application? ONLY the semi-finalists are contacted for a telephone interview, within two to three months after the application deadline, and will be kept apprised of the outcome. 

What should I do if my recommender/referee did not receive an email from Embark? Please ask the person to 1) verify that the pop-up blocker is turned off on the computer; 2) check the spam box in the email; 3) write to MMEG to request that individual link be resent.