Meet MMEG Grantees!

Some grantees already are respected leaders in grass-root organizations, and are studying to formalize their knowledge with university degrees. Other grantees are pursuing their studies in hard science (or STEM degrees), where the gender gap remains huge among leadership positions, and serve as role models for women seeking a career in “non-traditional” fields. We are very proud of their achievements! Select a program and learn more about grantees.

List of  MMEG grantees

Full list of FY19 Grantees.

Full list of FY18 Grantees.

Full list of FY17 Grantees.

Become an Alumnae Group Leader, A Supporter, An Ambassador

If you received a grant from MMEG or MMMF and would like to help us create a local chapter for alumnae or supporters, complete the form here below:

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