Maria Vigil Ramos

maria vigil ramos_web.jpg

Maria Vigil Ramos (29) is studying for her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing. She was born and raised in El Salvador and then came to the US as an immigrant at the age of 15. Although Maria initially struggled due to her unfamiliarity with the language and culture in the U.S., she managed to graduate from high school with honors in 20??. Due to her immigration status, however, she couldn’t enroll in college until 2012, when she received her green card. Maria began her studies at a community college before transferring  to Trinity Washington University where she made the Dean’s list by the spring of  2017.

Maria’s goal has always been to become an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. She wants to provide compassionate and patient-centered care to every woman and child regardless of their race, religion, social class or economic status.