St. Lucia

Elisia George


Elisia George (51), is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Medicine with a major in Nursing at Trinity Washington University.

Elisia grew up in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where her parents instilled in her the value of education and community service. Her mother spends her time aiding people in their community with healthcare needs. She had no formal education or training, but she nursed many community members during various illnesses. Elisia was inspired by her mother’s incredible work and vouched to become a trained nurse so that she could give back to her community and her family.

Elisia intended to study nursing when she came to America, but several personal circumstances kept her from achieving that goal at the time. However, after raising her children she is now ready to pursue her dream to become a certified registered nurse practitioner. She understands how the degree and professional role will give her the qualification and stature she needs to make the most impact.

She is also interested in empowering women to understand the significance of their influence on children and families. She aspires to create a foundation in her community where women can receive education and information to help them better their own lives and thus improve the future of their families.