Health Services

Kionna Bush de Amaya

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Kionna Bush de Amaya (31), is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Health Services at Trinity Washington University. She is a mother of three and very motivated to work in the healthcare sector. Growing up she lacked encouragement and positive guidance from her family and community. Thankfully, she was able to find inner strength to do well in her studies. She also grew more confident about her abilities. This lonely but steadfast journey led Kionna to academic success in early schooling and high school.

There was a break from education while Kionna started a family but that did not stop her from yearning to go back. She found that it was important to set a model for her children, so she enrolled in certificate programs. During this time, Kionna worked in a healthcare center as a patient technician where she discovered her interest in patient care, particularly for women and children. She wants to advocate for better communication between patients and their health care practitioners.

Kionna also believes that healthcare of mothers is important but that the knowledge for it is often lacking. She wants to ensure healthcare services and health education is available for women so they can better take care of themselves and their families.