What Were the Odds?? A win-win-win story!

Barbara Garlock saw an ad for this year’s annual Arts & Crafts Fair in November and decided on a whim to take the subway downtown to shop for gifts for her three daughters and the hostess of her book club.  Little did she know, she’d come home a big winner! And so would MMEG.

Barbara is semi-retired and has had what she calls a ‘peripatetic’ career, working as a buyer for Macy’s, a management consultant, a grant writer and Executive Director for community-based non-profits, and as a Board member for organizations working on behalf of children and victims of domestic violence.  She notes that she is a “connector” in this world, looking to connect people of similar interests and objectives to achieve common goals, primarily those serving the interests of  women, children and those in need. 

On the final day of the Fair, Barbara bought five door prize tickets before leaving; she took the time to chat with volunteers and Board members and learned about the aims of MMEG: to change the world for good one woman at a time.  Just as she boarded the train to return home, she got a call saying that not only had she won the prize of a wine gift basket, she had also won the grand prize of an IPhone X!

Barbara has since met with members of the Board to collect her winnings and to learn more about the great women whose education we support in MMEG; she has offered to continue to work with us to support our work and help us ‘connect’ with the wider philanthropic and non-profit world.  We welcome her participation to the MMEG family of volunteers.

And who got the grand prize?   Her eldest daughter, an architect in New York City who was ecstatic with her special lucky birthday gift.

barbara's daughter.jpg

by Brigid Holleran