Our grantees' backgrounds are as diverse as their nationalities.

Some grantees already are respected leaders in grass-root organizations, and are studying to formalize their knowledge with university degrees. Other grantees are pursuing their studies in hard science (or STEM degrees), where the gender gap remains huge among leadership positions, and serve as role models for women seeking a career in “non-traditional” fields. They all make us very proud of their achievements!


from Asia...

A grant recipient from China has developed a multi-disciplinary curriculum for the education of disabled children, who are often overlooked or perceived as poor investments for parents and teachers alike. Her work will help marginalized children realize their full potential.


from Latin America...

MMEG grantees also work in a range of non-profit organizations as well in governments. One grantee from Peru and another from Jamaica were both studying psychology while working with women and child victims of domestic abuse. After graduation they planned to work with the Woman’s Ministry and Ministry of Justice, respectively.

The former helps the women and children prepare to testify in court in front of jurors, an important aspect of achieving social justice. The latter conducts training within the Jamaican Ministry of Justice on humane and supportive management of cases involving child victims of sexual and physical abuse.


From Africa...

One PhD student from Ghana advocates for women’s rights within customary law, a field dominated by men. She sees the doctoral degree as a means to give her more credibility and make her voice heard.


This is the full list of FY17 MMEG Grantees.

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