Agriculture-Dairy Science

Faith Nyamakwere

Nyamakwere Faith_WEB.jpg

Faith is studying a Doctorate in Dairy Science (Agriculture) at the University of Stellenbosch. Her dissertation topic is on the Development of an artisanal cheese and ricotta making model for rural areas of South Africa.

Her commitment to women and children is evident in the work she does. She is the chairperson of Agri-Groomers in her local municipality (Stellenbosch) responsible for guiding the overall direction of company strategies; fundraising at district level; recruiting youth to establish local members, and engaging AgriGroomer’s members in Agri-Groomer’s programs. While Faith was still a student at the University of Fort Hare, she worked as a peer facilitator/tutor.

After completing her Doctorate, Faith plans to take the findings from her thesis and provide training (either in South Africa but preferably in Zimbabwe) in daily routine management practices for dairy farming, including development and implementation aspects, economic and health benefits); such practices can be replicated and knowledge shared.