Cecilia Gebruers

cecilia gebruers2.jpeg

PhD Student

Human Rights and Legal Theory

Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University

from Argentina

Argentinian 2018 MMEG grantee Cecilia Gebruers is studying for a PhD in Human Rights and Legal Theory at Cardozo Law School, Yeshiva University, New York, and expects to graduate mid-2020.

As an academic, Cecilia has worked since 2012 on the intersection of women’s issues and the law, and to ensure that women’s studies become an integral part of legal curricula in her native country. The focus of her dissertation extends these passions to address a hitherto neglected topic, strengthening an intersectional framework in human rights law to address the impact of land-grabs on indigenous women, whose livelihoods, health and welfare are thereby imperiled.

Her future plans are to continue her human rights advocacy, academic work on legal and political theory, and also to create a law school course that ties together women’s rights and the treatment of indigenous peoples.

Lima Ahmad


Master’s student

Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, Massachusetts

from Afghanistan

Lima Ahmad’s studies in International Security and Diplomacy are motivated by her desire to bolster the influence of women in the security sector and peace process and the rebuilding of her country, Afghanistan.

Lima has already demonstrated a strong commitment to the welfare of women: her research on Afghan female prisoners and subsequent advocacy led to reform of the incarceration system for women in Afghanistan. As part of USAID programs, she ensured representation by women in the Land Reform Authority, and helped implement empowerment, activities which resulted in hundreds of projects through women's leadership development. 
While her current studies will position her to serve her country at the international level, Lima has made significant grassroots contributions. Knowing that few Afghan women have had the same opportunity for education as she has, Lima seeks to mentor as many young people as possible. Acutely aware that there are not many written accounts by Afghan women of their experiences and achievements, Lima teaches writing skills as a volunteer. She hopes to help empower more women to record the stories of their lives to be heard by the world. As a young student, to help raise the female voter participation rate in elections, Lima initiated a civic engagement project targeting schoolgirls and female university students.

Lima Ahmad aims to continue her involvement in the reconstruction of Afghanistan by engaging in the peace process domestically, and internationally. Lima strongly believes that there is solution to the long-lasting conflict in her country if the international community consults with, and listens to, both the men and women of Afghanistan.